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Company: #NoFilter Fitness

Services: CONTROL Practitioner, Fitness & Lifestyle Coaching, Nutrition Coaching

Location: Dublin, Ireland

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Sarah-Jane has an incredible passion for helping people improve their quality of life. She is a qualified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and holds an honours degree in Drama with Dance. Having been depressed for 15 years herself as a result of childhood trauma, SJ found her healing in helping others to heal themselves through the joy of movement.


Now adding CONTROL to her bow, she specialises in working with disordered eating behaviours, bereavement, low self esteem & phobias to name a few. The list is endless with CONTROL and you too can take Control of your life!


“I went to Sarah Jane for CONTROL to overcome my fear of spiders. I wasn’t

able to go near a spider without freaking out and I needed a change as it was

holding me back from doing things outside. Since doing my sessions with SJ I

have been able to work in the garden again and if I see a spider now I’m panicking hysterically but taking control of the situation and my fear is gone. SJ

made me feel comfortable during the sessions and I’m delighted with the outcome.”


“Sarah-Jane helped me banish the mindless eating urges I used to have in the

evenings. I couldn’t believe after the first session how that urge suddenly disappeared and I was able to sit in front of the TV without the need to snack. I now

only eat when I’m hungry and I snack because I want to, not because of cravings and there’s no guilt. It’s weird, but wonderful to finally have a choice and to

own my own actions.”


“I’m an emotional person who wears my heart on my sleeve and as a result of

current family circumstances I do be tested every day. Before seeing Sarah-Jane,

without hesitation I would reach for the cupboard when I felt stressed for that

quick fix in a bar of chocolate. After our first session I noticed those triggers

were no longer an issue, and I now turn to other ways to channel those emotions. People have told me that I now look like I’m glowing and that’s thanks to

Sarah-Jane with her help to rewrite my mindset.”


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