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Services: CONTROL Practitioner, Nutritional Therapist

Specialism: Nutrition, Anxiety, Fears & Phobias,
Pain Relief and Addictions

Location: Chatham, Kent
07902 633694


After many years of struggling with his own weight, nutrition and related symptoms, Paul began a journey that led him to lose three stone as well as the related health issues. He had so much more energy and had discovered a lot about nutrition. Friends and family started to ask how he had done it and could he help them? He then decided to train and qualify as a Nutritional Therapist.


A few months after this, Paul was faced with a particularly stressful period at work and home. He was introduced to the Control System and attended a Control workshop. Coming away after one day, totally relaxed and in control, he made a decision. Paul went on to study and qualify as a Control Practitioner and Remedial Hypnotist!


During and shortly after this time, he had began to change peoples lives and help them feel in control, balanced and happy again. Taking away stress, fear of heights, anxiety, stopping people from smoking, losing weight, depression, pain relief, IBS and many more.


Finally a great opportunity arose. Paul’s holistic approach to client care and local knowledge was partnered with an offer to work with, and at, the Lordswood Osteopathic Clinic.
Control and Change was born.


“This gentleman has a genuine talent for assisting those that wish to change. I stopped a 30 year smoking habit in one session! Powerful stuff”

S.A.J - Somerset


“I found Paul to be professional and friendly. Paul made me feel comfortable and safe from our first meeting. After four meetings with Paul, I no longer have a fear of heights. I am very grateful to Paul.


I've got to tell you this. I was driving home on the M2, & as I drove over the motorway bridge, I drove in the off side lane & felt comfortable to look down over the edge. Normally I drive in the middle lane & stare straight ahead. I'm well chuffed.


Thank you so much. I've just stood on the cabinet to change the bulbs (which really didn't need changing) and felt really comfortable. I then stood on the roof of my extension & stood on the edge & looked up & down & felt really comfortable again.


When I got off of the London Eye, I punched air in celebration and sent a text to Paul…..!


I did it. I done the London eye. YAY!"

M.P, Kent


“I am a new man! No anxiety or fear. I cannot recommend Paul and the Control system more wholeheartedly. I have a new found calm and confident approach to daily life and more importantly, the future is filled with optimism and excitement, rather than fear and dread. Thank you so much Paul.”

R.S, Kent


“I suffer from C-PTSD and whilst talking therapies had proved helpful, I still felt I needed some help to change some of the more difficult to deal with symptoms at a subconscious level. I was ready to change these so Control has been very productive for me.


 still notice some symptoms but they are not as intense. They seem more like a thought and not with the anxiety, fear, etc attached to them.


What did you do with my cravings? ;-).


I can honestly say this “If you are truly ready to change and empower yourself, then Mr Wren is the man to help you do that.


It’s true I’ve had all sorts of therapy, but this is like magic. I cannot thank you enough”.

S.T, Kent


“Finally medication free! My family are so pleased, we will need a group booking! Anxiety and depression are not for is for life.

If you have never experienced Hypnosis, don’t hesitate through fear or worry about the unknown, or preconceived opinions from the TV.

From the first phone call to the last visit, Paul made me feel safe and secure. Everything is explained, clear and non-judgmental.  Thanks Paul x"

A.L - Essex


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