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Services: CONTROL Practitioner, Nutritional Therapist

Specialism: Nutrition, Anxiety, Fears & Phobias,
Pain Relief and Addictions

Location: Chatham, Kent
07902 633694


Not many people start their working careers planning to be a therapist. It tends to be something we discover while on our journey and it becomes our passion.


This was exactly the case with Paul. Starting in sales, working in the NHS, the legal and financial world in the city, and IT support for doctors and pharmacies, life led him here.


Paul qualified as a Nutritional Therapist after losing three stone in weight as well as the related health issues. He had so much more energy and vitality he was being asked how I had done it and could he help others.


He was introduced to the Control System where he went on to study and qualify as a Control Practitioner and Remedial Hypnotist. When Paul’s first client, who was petrified of heights, sent him smiling proof from the top of the London Eye, he was hooked!


Paul is married, with two young daughters and a thriving practice. He has found that rare thing...….a job that he loves and a sense of achievement and purpose. When a client leaves without their fear, or their anxiety under control or whatever change they wanted in place, you will often see him driving home with a smile on his face. None of us were born with anxiety, fears, phobias or low self-esteem, and we are certainly not stuck with them.


Control your today and change your tomorrow.


“I met with Paul as I was extremely stressed and suffering from anxiety (which I didn’t even realise until he explained it to me) and I knew something had to change. My shoulders were up by my ears and I couldn’t think clearly. This all changed after the first session with Paul when he spoke to my subconscious. He gave me lots of things to take away from the sessions and practice on.

I feel like a different person and I am a much better wife, mother and now positively back in control of my business.

Everyone needs a session with Paul, they just don’t know it yet!”

SF - Sittingbourne


"Paul is absolutely Amazing! After just one session Paul has helped me to overcome my phobias of water and heights! After just two sessions I can’t believe the changes! Thank you so much Paul"

ME - Isle of Wight


"I had such a great day in London yesterday, had absolutely zero anxiety. Got the bus, the train, the tube, went to a museum, went to a restaurant, loads of stuff and was enjoying myself the whole time! My friends said I was like a different person!

to prove how happy i was - look at this picture of me beaming on the tube haha. It was a genuine smile.”

ER - Dartford


"How the is this working and what are you doing to my head?! I’ve been able to watch the real snake in the zoo in Harry Potter, over and over  again with no reaction. Don't want to touch it, but I can now look at it.”

AS - Maidstone


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