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Services: CONTROL Practitioner, Clinical hypnotherapist, NLP, CBT,  Virtual Gastric Band, Calm Kids Practitioner

Location: Online, Canterbury

Phone: 07376 719025


Coming from a family of hypnotherapists, Louisa is passionate about helping people to harness the immense power of their own subconscious minds to change their thinking, feeling and way of living. Building on her experience as a therapist, Louisa now primarily uses the Control System and brings her own unique style and personality to her sessions to create engaging, effective and enjoyable interactions with clients, achieving great results in just a few sessions.


Louisa works with adults, teens and children aged six and above all over the world using Zoom, with many of her clients coming to her through word-of-mouth from previous successful, happy clients. Areas of speciality include Quit Smoking and fears/phobias, however, Louisa works with clients on a wide range of issues, such as confidence and self-esteem, grief, anxiety and panic attacks, eating habits/food issues, changing relationship patterns and lots more.


Get in touch with Louisa directly by email or whatsapp to arrange a free introductory consultation.


“I had three sessions of Control System with Louisa to help me process a recent loss of a friend. I felt like I was stuck in my grief and I was not able to move on from the feelings of guilt and trauma. This method has really helped me to unblock many of the feelings and thoughts I had around this experience. I feel like I am finally able to start my journey to acceptance. I would definitely use the Control System again in the future.”



“After suffering from anxiety for most of my adult life and trying many different coping techniques and therapists, the Control System sessions I did with Louisa has brought me a sense of peace that I feel like I have been looking for for years. Louisa has a way about her that makes you feel at ease. I would highly recommend her to anyone.”



“I quit smoking with Louisa using Control System and it was brilliant. It worked! And it was a very enlightening experience… Learning about the power of the subconscious mind and why it was so hard to quit on my own. After the first session, I felt completely cured of my addiction and it has continued to be really good. I haven’t had any cravings and am very happy without the habit in my life.”



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