Dave Lornie | ML, BA Soc., MA, DHyp & Psych CTRL Practitioner

Frontier Hypnotherapy

Services: CONTROL Practitioner, Solution-focused Hypnotherapist

Location: Mackay, Queensland, AUSTRALIA

Phone: +61 401 223 780


Dave is a fully qualified, experienced hypnotherapist and CONTROL Practitioner who loves helping people jump over their hurdles, whatever those hurdles may be.


Like many people, Dave has endured emotional and personal struggles. We all encounter tough times but they don’t have to last forever.


Dave can guide you towards the light at the end of your tunnel. If there’s a personal story of struggle you can tell, chances are either  Dave has been there or is close to someone who has. Dave will bring out your own inner strengths (no matter how deeply they may be hidden) and transform your negative thinking patterns into more positive ways of thinking, feeling and acting.


If you need help, Dave’s here for you – both online and face-to-face. Get in touch and make lasting positive changes in your life.


"I was struggling with my emotional reactions and how similar they were to my father’s. This was holding me back socially and in my work life. Once I realized this I spoke to David and we set about correcting this unwanted “inheritance”. over 3 sessions we rewrote my subconscious script and now my reactions are much more reasoned and calm. My social skills are much improved now and my emotions are more controllable."

Bruce A.


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