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Shane specialises in people overcoming anxiety and trauma without medication or traditional therapy. Having suffered with anxiety his whole life before he even knew what anxiety was, it took two A&E trips to be told he wasn’t dying and it was just stress and anxiety. Shane went to the doctor who wanted to give him anti depressants and see him again in 6 months! Having grown up seeing his mum on anti depressants it was a route he wasn’t willing to take.

“I’m like a geeky version of Liam Neeson in Taken. If the information is out there, I will find it and I will learn it!”

Shane has spent a ‘small fortune’ on courses including the Control System. Having been a personal trainer for 13 years (and as a result knowing a thing or two about helping people change) Shane changed his career, and has now built up 100’s of successful client reviews.

“I’ve worked with so many anxiety clients if I had a pound for every time someone worried that what they might say was a bit weird or they felt silly about something, I’d have enough money for an exotic holiday. So rest assured, there’s nothing you could tell me that I would find weird. as weird is my normal!”


“If you want someone no nonsense, friendly and professional that will take care of you every step of the way but also kick you up the ass to take the necessary steps, I’m your guy.”


Definitely recommend Shane, I have suffered with anxiety, depression and low confidence for a long time Shane’s techniques are unusual at first but really helped me to manage these feelings when I am overwhelmed. Shane is easy to talk to and I never felt judged or silly to talk about things I would normally be too embarrassed to. It is something you have to work on daily and I feel Shane has given me the tools to do this more effectively.

Gabs W_H


Shane has an incredible ability to tap into the very core of the issue and minimise it with ease, understanding and kindness. I can honestly say he has helped me through several situations that would have otherwise been more unsettling. Thank you so much Shane.

Lisa Hawkyard


After suffering from anxiety for almost 2 years and after seeing doctors on many occasions and just being sent away with medication that didn't work i was recommended Shane through a family friend i was sceptical after being let down before but i cant recommend Shane enough his different way at approaching it was amazing and really works after just 2 sessions with him its like im a new person and im back to my old self and i cant thank him enough I would recommend him to anyone going through anxiety its not like sitting down talking to a doctor its like talking to a friend keeps in contact with you outside of the meetings checking up on you seeing how your doing

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