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One of Melissa’s favorite quotes is from George Bernard Shaw, “Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” Melissa believes that everyone has the potential to create the best version of themselves; that we aren’t destined to a certain path, but have the ability to create the path we desire. She began focusing on the body’s health and wellness, soon realizing that it’s our mindset that drives us.


After attending the first CONTROL workshop in the United States, she jumped at the opportunity to train with the first group of practitioners in the U.S. Melissa has personally used the CONTROL method to overcome her fears of heights and worms, to build confidence in public speaking, and to manage shoulder pain. Being able to honestly say that The CONTROL System was life-changing for her, she is excited to be the first certified practitioner in the United States and be able to assist others in improving thoughts, feelings, or behaviours that may be holding them back.


I recently completed The Control System online with Melissa. I cannot stress enough how amazing this has been. After 4 video sessions my anxiety is gone.

I haven't reached for my anxiety medications in over a week. I am more relaxed and calm. My sleep has improved. At the end of the last session Melissa made sure I had the tools to apply this technique myself on any other behaviours I might like to change. It is literally life changing. If

you are on the fence please do it. You will not regret it.



The CONTROL System is an excellent way to speak directly to your subconscious mind to confront and remove any emotional blocks you might be dealing with. I worked with Melissa using this system for a particular issue I wanted to address and I came away from each of our sessions with renewed confidence in my ability and a much clearer mind. The sessions were easy and effective, and Melissa did a great job of explaining the process and ensuring I felt satisfied with the results. I cannot recommend her work enough!


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