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Maria has been working as a therapist for many years starting out with Reflexology continuing through to becoming a Reiki practitioner and Soul Plan practitioner. Working on helping others on their road to self-healing, whether that has been mentally, physically or spiritually, has always been a passion of hers. Now she is very proud to add Control Practitioner to her list of therapies.

“In this modern fast paced society, I want to offer something that is quick but with effective results. Using this non-trance method of hypnosis means that my clients are fully awake and fully aware of the process taking place, giving them the opportunity to be involved in making positive changes for their future happiness”.


"I want to thank Maria for helping me get through some steps in my life that I had tried to change for a long time. The first session I was very nervous as wasn't sure what to expect, by the end I was feeling happy but apprehensive as to whether it would work. As the weeks went on (as was on holiday) I didn't think much had happened until I had my next session. During the session it came to light that I had managed to achieve my goals. I had done things that I wouldn't of done in the past, and became more assertive. I feel a more positive person and feel I am able to be heard and not hidden. Thank you again for helping me change my life for the positive."

Kirsty Hanson


''I would like to say a big thankyou to Maria. I was suffering with my life to the point I didn't want to be around. I was so worried about seeing Maria knowing how I felt but what she done made me feel happy and safe. Just how she dealt with me was mind blowing and the way I felt just after 3 times change my whole life around without me doing anything. I would recommend it to anyone."



"I went to see Maria for a personal problem that has affected me for more than 30 years. She was very empathic and also straight forward, and dealt with the problem directly. I felt very safe and trusted her practical approach. Her efficient technique and use of words has miraculously, changed my life beyond measure. I simply cannot believe that I am relieved of this chronic condition I have lived with for so long. I highly recommend Maria as a practitioner in the East Kent area, and will be referring some of my clients to her.

Thank you Maria!"


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