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Kelly has worked in two opposite areas in her past, the corporate industry and the education sector, both of which she has had a role where she can support others. She was a Corporate PA, but then retrained and became a Qualified Primary School Teacher for several years.


Kelly has always enjoyed that feeling of supporting others and helping people succeed, this was why she started her own business ‘Lovelock Business Services,’ so she could help others build and grow their businesses.


Kelly met Tim, the founder of The CONTROL system, and was really interested in how it worked – all it took was one workshop for Kelly to be hooked!


Kelly has a huge passion for nurturing others wellbeing, which has always shone through in all her roles, so becoming a CONTROL Practitioner was the natural progression in her learning, and her ability to support others.


So she decided this program had to be utilized within her business, as she could be supporting so many people.


A month later Kelly qualified as a CONTROL practitioner and has brought The CONTROL system into her business for her commercial clients, but she has also started a new business “Positive Patterns’ so she can support children and adults using CONTROL.


“I would like to say a very big THANK YOU to Kelly for helping me with a few issues I had. With the expert guidance of Kelly and the Control system Kelly managed to change my patterns of negativity. I must say that at first I was very skeptical, but that was soon to change. Kelly made me feel very at ease and explained in detail each step of the programme. Over the course of weeks things in my life were going from good to better, all for the best and I found myself recognizing old patterns of thought and thinking how much I have changed!


I can’t believe how much better and in control I feel now, I can still start to write a text as the old me, then instantly correct it- as my crew are all on board. I can’t thank Kelly enough for this and I will definitely be talking to my ‘crew’ to keep them on course and make other changes to my life."


Thanks Kelly X


“At first I was very skeptical and went to my initial session with preconceived ideas about the programme. However I thought I would give it a try and I am so thankful I did.  Kelly is very professional and friendly and made me feel reassured and comfortable very quickly.


It was such a good use of my time and I have overcome a fear and pattern of behaviour that I never thought I would. It has also equipped me with tools to take away to continue to benefit from. I would encourage anybody to take these sessions.  I now feel very relaxed, positive and in control of situations that would previously have made me very nervous and upset”.


“Firstly I’d like to say a massive thank you to Kelly. You have changed my life for the better.


At first I was unsure of this kind of treatment, as I’ve never heard of it before. But I had an open mind and put my trust in Kelly. Also I thought I have nothing to lose.


I was happy to know that I was able to listen and complete the tests to see if I was able to have this kind of therapy. It’s a strange feeling that your body and mind work together.

When I had my first session I felt like I had a lot of confidence issues and although I knew I had a lovely home, husband and healthy happy children, there was something deeper than that with myself that I was battling with. I use to have a glass or two of wine most evenings that I thought became a habit after a long day but then became a bit of a need to relax. But Then I’d feel guilty about it. I’d then wake up with severe anxiety that slowly faded through the day. But I didn’t know what it was.


We decided the positive feeling I was aiming for was to be content. Sounds silly but once Kelly made the change in my life my thought patterns changed.  I say that the first Saturday that came my husband asked if I’d like some wine with dinner. I said no, and because I really didn’t feel a need to. I had one on Mother’s Day with my meal out and really enjoyed it and didn’t feel guilty.


I don’t wake with anxiety anymore!

I’d say I was more patient at home!

I have a much more positive outlook on the rest of my life!



And now I have the ability to check in with my own subconscious to keep this positive feeling going and make other changes.


10 out of 10 to Kelly and The Control System.


I 100% would recommend this treatment if you need to make a change in
your life”.


“Hi Kelly


Firstly, I would like to thank you for allowing me to be one of your case studies and spending so much time with me. I shall miss our weekly Monday meetings :)


At first I was a bit sceptical purely because I think of myself as a very strong minded and independent woman and the thought of someone talking to my sub-conscious was strange to me. However, after our very first meeting I straight away felt a positive change in my outlook to life and especially my troubles with relationships.


I had a very traumatic experience as a child and you helped me understand that I do have some unearthed issues that I need to deal with to get the closure I need. Not only that, you also helped me get in touch with my sub-conscious and made the changes I needed to be a happier and more trusting person.


Since our last meeting my relationships with people, especially my boyfriend, have become a lot stronger and happier and I have even spoken with my mum a bit more about the what had happened in my childhood.


I know it was only a few sessions we had but they have really helped and I am so glad you got in touch when you did.


I really hope that you do well and I truly believe you were made to help people.”



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