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Karalyne is an inspirational teacher in Personal and Relational Empowerment and she is a Behaviour Change Expert, specialising in Anxiety, Addictions and Emotional Difficulties.  Her background is in Social Care Work, Teaching, Mental Health, Healing and Art Therapies.  Since 2009 she worked as a Behaviour Change Practitioner for the NHS and Community Mental Health Teams, as well as teaching Personal Development courses.  She has 30 years’ experience working with vulnerable adults, and people from a diverse range of backgrounds.  She is highly empathic and has been on an incredible journey through life herself.


With an acute understanding of adversity, Karalyne has worked with people from around the world to help them re-balance their lives, clearing patterns and behaviours that no longer serve them, thus enabling them ‘to become everything that they are capable of becoming’, and reach their full potential as a human being.


 Her focus is on Self-Empowerment - teaching you how to balance and re-align your full potential, and on Relational Empowerment - discovering new ways to get the best out of your relationships. She shares her expertise with safety and respect.


Mind Management delivers training programmes for Personal Empowerment and ‘Relationship Skills’ for Relational Empowerment to Groups and Couples.


Karalyne is available for one to one Free Consultation bookings.



"Right from the start Karalyne made me feel very at ease so I was comfortable enough to be able to open up and talk to her about a long-term behaviour pattern that was beginning to affect every part of my life. Karalyne used the control system to help me find out just what had started this behaviour and what was fueling it even now. Her gentle approach, compassion and empathy made me feel less alone when dealing with the amazing insights and working on my barriers to change. She has so much knowledge to share that I looked forward to all my sessions and was a little sad when they were completed. I now have control of certain thoughts, feelings and behaviours that I truly believed would never improve. I would highly recommend Karalyne not only for The Control System but for any other therapy that she offers.


Thank you for helping make some great changes in my life"



"Having anxiety since I was young has been quite a drawback for me , so I thought I needed to do something about it.
Finding someone to talk to about this was always difficult but I am pleased to say using this treatment has enabled me to rid myself of anxiety, I feel like a great weight has been lifted and now feel I can face situations in a very positive manner."



"I went to see Karalyne about anxiety.  In the past I’ve had therapy, this helped but the feelings in my gut didn’t really change. Now I feel like my body is back to how it is meant to be.  Finally, I feel free of the anxiety and no longer clam up, as the intense feelings have gone.  I am living a new life.  Karalyne is very good at what she does."



"Karalyne helped me to completely conquer my fear of flying, and at the same time my long-term anxiety.  Karalyne’s calm approach and method finally cracked it (I’ve tried a few times before!). I am so happy I can now take my son on holidays.  I have recommended people to her and hear amazing results."


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