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Chris qualified in traditional hypnotherapy with his wife Caroline and they have been practising for some time. They trained through the British School of Applied Psychology. He is registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register.


He was one of the first to start training as a CONTROL practitioner and soon realised that this was the future direction that hypnosis would take. He holds the NICE diploma in Anxiety Treatment.


Chris also has a weekly radio programme on UK Health Radio which is an eclectic mix of music, interviews with people in the world of hypnosis, news on developments within hypnosis, and answering listener’s questions.


After a lifetime involved in sport at a high level, he is also a qualified Sports Therapist and has helped professional sports men and women achieve their potential. Chris is a Member of the Football Medical Association and a Member of the Royal Society of Medicine. CONTROL is an ideal method for helping sportsmen and women in all disciplines.


Chris has dealt with many problems faced by people and they have found that they have been able to change their lives in a way that they never thought possible.


One of the major features of the CONTROL system is that it empower clients to help themselves to control their own lives in the way that best suits them. It provides this in non- threatening enjoyable session.


Phobia of the future - FABULOUS!!!

I have had an initial session with Chris, he is very personable and professional and has a wonderful way of putting you at ease, the two hours were beneficial, the mini trial he gives you, puts you at ease and reassures you in knowing that hypnotherapy really works. For any blocks in your life, this is a brilliant course of action to take, to release your full potential- thanks HypnoHut.


I was extremely apprehensive about starting my course of hypnotherapy to treat my Selective Eating Disorder. I expressed my angst to Chris who calmly reassured me that this was normal and that the change would not take place over night. However, with drive and perseverance I soon came to realise that Chris was absolutely right and that eating 'normal' foods was nowhere near as bad as I had convinced myself that it was. The therapy sessions were eye-opening, emotional, and taught me a lot about myself. Along with boosting my confidence, he also taught me not to be ashamed of my problem and that it resembles more of a phobia than a 'fussy eating' problem. After a few sessions, we managed to achieve the ultimate goal and I tried several different foods during a session. I was then able to convince myself that I didn't need my hand held every time I wanted to try something new and managed to start doing so on my own. I still don't try new foods with ease and it takes a lot of courage to do so but I am more confident to take the baby steps I need in order to help myself. Yes, it took a lot of hard work to achieve something so simple but I could not have done it without the help of Chris, and therefore I am eternally grateful for the changes he has made to my life. Not only was this an achievement but it was carried out 100 miles from Chris via Skype.


As a professional footballer I know that I have the ability to go all the way to becoming an international. I had a problem with being able to maintain my concentration for the whole match and at times it wandered slightly. I saw Chris for three sessions to help me to work on maintaining that concentration all the time. It has made a big difference to my overall performance. Thank you.


Chris has managed to help me with a problem which has affected me for more than 40 years. He personifies the qualities which are most important to me:- kindness, caring, patience and empathy. I wouldn't hesitate to return or recommend to any family or friend.


Usually I take pain relief [for Fibromyalgia] before I start the morning routine but today I didn't and I cleaned out my 3 hutches without stopping. They usually take a couple of days and help from my hubby or children. The back pain is there but not as intense looking forward to more sessions.


The quite marvellous thing about Chris is his generosity of spirit. Chris really cares about his patients and it shows through in everything that he does. Now I don’t really understand hypnotherapy but when a family member needed help, I did not hesitate in recommending that they met Chris. Chris took the time to really get to know their underlying problems and persevered to help them not only in a therapeutic manner but as a friend. I would always recommend.


Chris has recently provided smoking cessation hypnotherapy to a family member who has been battling with giving up smoking for many years. The therapy has been a huge success and he has now been over three weeks of no smoking. Highly recommend Chris’ services to anybody looking to quit.


Well I went to the dentists today!!! ..... And guess what??? NO anxiety! Nothing.... Literally zilcho!!! I had what I've analysed to be apprehension as in i didn't know how painful it would be but felt almost indifferent to it! Such a massive change from my consultation there a few weeks ago where i was physically shaking! I had a horrible filling today in a really awkward place right at the back.. It was painful and had 4 injections... But i remained calm, trusted the professional and got through it! All in all.. Massive!!


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