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Bethan has spent many years treating individuals with various muscle and joint issues using Sports Massage and Pilates as an effective form of rehabilitation. Whilst these both help encourage mindfulness, the main focus is on the physical aspect of a persons needs, for example, to reduce pain or improve mobility.


After attending one of Tim's Control workshops, Bethan was blown away by the results and immediately knew that becoming a practitioner was the right step to take. She has used Control to achieve positive changes on a personal level as well as succeed in making changes in other peoples lives, for example, overcoming fears and anxiety.


Bethan has always had a passion for helping people and prides herself on her friendly and calming nature. She is pleased to now provide both mind and body wellness through her services at Be Well, Be You in Sittingbourne, Kent.


"To anyone on the outside the cause of my anxiety wouldn't make sense to them. I have always been fortunate to have very supportive and loving friends and family around me.


Rational me felt very secure in all my relationships but irrational me liked to spend time doubting whether my friends and family loved me and enjoyed spending time with me.


I already had a existing relationship with Beth through sports massage and pilates so when I found out she could potentially help me through control I immediately signed up.


I use to feel embarrassed talking about my anxiety but Beth is a true professional and made me feel at ease straight away.

I had been a little sceptical about whether control would make a lasting difference but I can honestly say that over a year on I still feel much more confident and secure.  Beth taught me ways to tap into my subconscious myself and also made herself available for a "top up" if needed but I honestly haven't needed to.

Scenarios that previously would have made me feel worried and upset I don't even notice now.  Beth has made a huge difference to my every day life and for that I will always be grateful."



"Visited Bethan for support with tackling a long time deep seated fear, in order to overcome to enable myself to donate blood. She is Client focused and exceptional at building trust to develop strong client relationships. Highly recommended!"



"I was going through a time where I had a lot of decisions to make and was struggling to separate them and not feel like one was dependent on another. I began the sessions with Beth and quite quickly we became aware I was very caught up with worrying about other peoples options, which was ultimately effecting my ability to sensibly organise my thoughts. Very quickly once we tackled the core of the issue everything else began to fall into place. The sessions with Beth taught me skills going forward so now over 18 months after our sessions I’ve not reverted back to my old concerns."


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