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CONTROL System creator, Tim Box has trained a team of presenters who regularly run full day’s trainings in the direct, hands on method of change that has been used to help thousands of clients over the last seven years.

Part educational workshop and part life changing transformational experience, each class is a packed day of hands on training. CONTROL presenters guide each attendee through the process of creating radical changes in their own patterns of thought to create life altering improvements.

Tim’s CONTROL method utilises hypnotic techniques yet creates the changes without directly using hypnosis.

No knowledge of hypnosis is required to learn this system.


Each class is limited in numbers so that the Presenter and their team can make sure you get their personal attention, so please book early!




Comments from just some of the people who have already changed their lives using the CONTROL system and the CONTROL workshop:


“I recently attended the control workshop and brought with me my fear of flying.

I have now flown to New York and then on Saturday night returned three weeks after from Orlando! I felt calm and collected and managed both flights with ease!

Thank you so much Tim Box, it's changed something hugely important. Very excited to go somewhere else now!!”

Claire Bentley


“I attended the Control workshop with the goal to help me through labour. I was freaking out about labour as my pregnancy progressed. What it has done for me is I stopped freaking out about it and the change happened quickly. I ended up having an instrumental delivery and going through the control system allowed me to let go of what I couldn't control. It allowed me to feel calm. The result is our beautiful daughter was delivered safely and she is thriving. Thank you Tim.”

Emma Pingree


"I can share what my issue was with you because it isn’t an issue anymore. I felt physically sick at my appearance and had body dysmporphia. I am still aware of what I need to change/work on - it doesn't remove or work a miracle on the problem or make you blind to something that you need to deal with, but it is rational now. I do not get physical sickness at the trigger thought, I have more confidence and self-esteem. I can actually look in mirrors now. I can go in changing rooms. To back this up, I was in an embarrassing situation just 2 days after this and instead of it rocking me to my core, I was able to laugh about it.


I have followed up and spoken to my sub-conscious since and I can promise that Tim Box's CONTROL course has changed my life. Thank you"

Anna Velma Taylor


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All workshops are currently being carried out online.

Please contact us for details.


June 12th/13th - Online 2 day special (9am - 1pm BST) - Presenters: Soelie Way-Young, Vicky Martin, Jennifer Fidder


Workshops are individually priced by each presenter.

To enquire about a place on a workshop please use the form below or click on the presenter’s profile to contact them directly.



Control Workshop

Laura Ash

Barry Ash

Jo Price

Rebecca Oliver

Tracey Allport

David Kerremans

Sarah-Jane O’Neill

Shannon Price

Andrea Fowler

Aqsah Chaudhry

Vicky Martin

Soélie Way-Young

Jennifer Fidder

Anthony Gitch

Christine Philipp

Nicole Mazzucato

Maxine Burns


Testimonials for Jo:


“Jo is a fabulous practitioner, with an amazing way with people. I am happy to say that she has changed my life.”



“Amazing, shocking unbelievable training! When I came today I had one thing I wanted to change and as simple as that it changed.”



“Life changing methods that you have to try to believe.”



“CONTROL is a fantastic tool to be able to use to look after yourself. To let go of harmful and negative thoughts and behaviours is amazing.”



“This was a great workshop that was eye-opening. Coming along as an interested (perhaps a little sceptical) person, I am converted and it was amazing.”



“This will change your life. Just do it!”



"To have a life long pain/emotional state be taken away in such a short time is just amazing. It was like Jo waved a magic wand over me and then gave it to me to take home and use. Thank you, Jo."



Testimonials for Laura and Barry Ash:


“Instead of feeling anxious I now feel I can do and reach my goals, thanks to the help from these fantastic guys. Such an amazing day!”



“The issues I battled today have been over a long time, and I have now overcome them!”



“An amazing day facing up to changes that need to be made, and taking control.”



“I came in open minded, with a lot of emotional baggage. I now feel equipped to use the tools I have learned to accept I do not have to drag this around anymore.”


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