Tim has been helping people change their lives for the last 8 years.


From his busy clinic based in Kent in the UK he sees clients both face to face and online.


He treats clients for a wide range of issues, such as removing fears and phobias, improving confidence and self esteem levels, and in particular he is considered an expert in helping clients get control of their anxiety response.


If you would like to see Tim 1-2-1 then the first step is to book a FREE consultation.


“The first step is always to do an initial free consultation.
This is purely to make sure we can work together.
You need to meet me and make sure I’m the right person to help you, and I need to meet you to make sure your mind responds well to the method we’ll be using.

From there, if you wish to go ahead with treatment you’ll have the option of doing a three session program with me.
This is generally all we need to do to get the change you are looking for”


If you’re interested in working with Tim 1-2-1 then get in touch.

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Book a Free Consultation


You can now see Tim from any location in the world without having to travel.

A large part of Tim’s daily practice involves seeing clients via video calling.

Because the CONTROL system is in no way a touch therapy the results are just as good with online treatment.


If you are interested in this option then contact Tim here:


“I just wanted to say a huge "thank you" for helping my daughter feel better about herself and to manage her anxieties. Her recovery has been almost miraculous and all the family are astonished just how quickly she has turned her life around, it is a joy to see.”

K.L. Kent


“Tim box is amazing. There's no other word for it. If you suffer from any phobia and really want to be free of it than I suggest you give Tim a call today.”

E.G Essex


“I have known and been treated by many hypnotherapists. Tim Box is up there with the best in the business. He is totally client focussed and comes up with the appropriate words and directions needed for change to take place. I would have no hesitation in recommending him whole heartedly.”

R.K, London


“As an m.e sufferer ,it took three long years of crazy scary symptoms before I got a  diagnosis which led my mind to wonder as to what on Earth was happening to me, I googled symptoms and frightened  myself with some of the things I read  and as such I developed a health anxiety which became very debilitating and left me with sleepless nights  and panic attacks, my life was horrendous. Doctors were only interested in prescribing me drugs which I kept having bad reactions too so I was desperate to find an alternative solution to being able to cope with this illness and Tim has helped enabled me to do just that. I know sleep through the night most nights which in turn helps me cope with things better in general and my anxiety has all but disappeared. I now feel much calmer, confident and in control. I am very grateful to Tim for his help, I would recommend him to anyone and think the sessions are worth every penny.”

F.T , Medway


“Tim gave me the will to succeed and inner peace, which I will be eternally thankful for.

I would highly recommend Tim to anyone that is looking for help with their inner self, to give them will power to do what they want and need to do.”

PK, Medway


“I would highly recommend Tim. He has changed my life, it was the best money I ever spent on myself –he is a marvel.,He has a great personality and you trust him immediately. If you go to see him, go with total confidence, and really believe in your own head that he will help you and he will. He really helped me and I am so thankful that I went to see him.”

J.F, Dartford


“I cannot praise this man enough.  I went with an open mind and if I am honest not believing this would be something that could work for me.  How wrong was I!
Tim has been a great support to me and has helped me overcome some long ongoing issues.  He has always been professional, friendly and easy to communicate with and open up to. Tim quickly grasped who I was and the nature of my problem enabling him to work through this with me quickly and effectively.

I know that if I ever need to revisit at any time in the future he’ll be there to put me back on track.

Thank you Tim for everything”

D.G, Gravesend


 “I visited Tim because I had not been sleeping well for a long period of time and I was very, very tired.  Tim used his hypnotherapy technique to remedy the cause of the loss of sleep and since then I have slept through the night ever since. Whilst I was visiting Tim he also identified, through hypnosis, another problem which had been bothering me – almost without me being aware of it consciously – although I knew there was ‘something’ bothering me. This was in fact a sense of guilt I felt whenever I enjoyed myself, as though I shouldn’t be happy.   Tim has retrained my sub-conscious so that I can now enjoy my life in a way I was not able to do so before. The result of all of this is that I feel energetic, happier and more confident. Tim is honest in his approach and does not encourage his clients to have extra, unnecessary sessions. Tim has a rare talent for putting people at their ease, empathising with their problems and remedying these wherever possible. I cannot recommend Tim highly enough – my quality of life has hugely improved.”

A.A, Rochester


“After two sessions with Tim I felt great, I am a more positive person, more relaxed and my confidence has grown, I feel able to deal with situations now.”

H.C, Rainham


“No matter how obscure your problem, let this guy in and he will fix it. Quick simple and effective he has everything you could ask for in a hypnotist.”

S.D, Medway

If you are interested in this option then contact Tim.

Book a Free Consultation

Book a Free Consultation

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