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Paula has devoted most of her adult life to helping others through both her employment and her voluntary work. She has specialised in working with children and adolescents, spending many years working in a number of schools as a Teaching Assistant. It was whilst she working as a Teaching Assistant that Paula discovered that she has a real talent for connecting with people, especially young people.


 This led to Paula training as first a Reiki Therapist and subsequently as a CONTROL Practitioner. Paula is now working with Oast Osteopathy in Sittingbourne to offer these therapies.


I came to Paula in December after a lifetime of fear and anxiety around bleeding, giving blood or seeing my own blood. It was impacting on my life as something as simple as going for a blood test would cause a high level of anxiety for several days and at the hospital I would just want to run away.


I didn’t know what to expect when I met Paula and I can’t really tell you what she did, other than talk directly to my sub-conscious. I do know that I felt very calm and relaxed in her presence. It was so easy and it worked. I no longer have the same thoughts and anxieties around blood. I have even managed to go to hospital for a minor operation with no anxiety at all. I am just left wondering why I didn’t do this years ago instead of suffering for so long. I even feel more confident in medical surroundings too.



I have been challenged by some specific phobias for some time now and really felt in need of some intervention. I went for one reason and ended up opening up a box of emotions I did not know was relevant to these phobias. With Paula’s patience and understanding we were able to work through these issues, I never felt rushed even though I was a complex case. ….. The main gain I feel has been my new found knowledge of how to apply the CONTROL System to any future problems and anxiety related issues. I highly recommend Paula as someone who not only knows her trade but is genuinely doing this to help people.



I have been driving for 2 years and following a car accident soon after passing my test I had become a nervous driver. A year later I was still anxious about driving, a course of cognitive behaviour therapy had been unsuccessful. I had never heard of CONTROL System but Paula recommended I try it. Paula made a point of reassuring me and explaining the process, making sure that I was calm and comfortable. Following the three sessions I have noticed a real change in my confidence when driving. Driving that had previously made me anxious to the point of developing a cold sweat I am able to do calmly without any of the anxiety that I had previously felt. I genuinely feel my attitude and thought process prior to driving has changed completely.



I went to Paula as I suffer from anxiety when I am driving to different places on my own , I have had this difficulty for many years and I wanted to finally overcome it as impacting on my life and my work.

I was a bit apprehensive at the beginning due to being unsure of the process involved. I need not have worried, Paula was very informative, she told me how the CONTROL System process worked and how the talking to your subconscious could solve my problem. I felt that I was well informed of what would happen and why. The sessions were relaxed and I looked forward to them, after the first

sessions I was able to undertake an independent journey to a new location without the anxiety that I had felt before.


I cannot recommend Paula highly enough; she is very caring and professional in her work. Five stars to this lady.



I just want to say thank-you very much for the CONTROL System Therapy you recently did for my daughter. After a difficult time at secondary school she has suffered from anxiety and anger issues.


Since seeing you there has been a great improvement in her well- being. We no longer have the ‘melt downs’ or the stress build up that leads to these.


My daughter has just started a new venture and she is motivated and feeling well. We have also resumed her driving lessons today with great success. This is something we tried countless times before but it was a struggle to last more than 5 minutes.


I can’t thankyou enough for giving me my daughter back and I am recommending you highly to everyone I know.



I would just like to say a huge thank-you for the CONTROL System Therapy you did for me. I feel so much calmer now and the methods you taught me have helped me to stay calm. I feel happier and more able to get on with my life. I wish I had this a few years ago as it has helped me so much. You made me feel so relaxed and looked after and really can’t thank-you enough.



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