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Company:  MedelaHarmony

Services: CONTROL Practitioner, Remedial Hypnotist, Kundalini Reiki Master

Location: Boarders of Kent & Surrey

Phone: 07544927271



Nicola is a qualified Remedial Hypnotist, Control Practitioner and Kundalini Reiki Master with a background in nutrition and fitness, she sees all life as an adventure- to embrace, love, learn and grow and that there are unlimited possibilities out there for everyone to obtain.


Nicola believes that when your mind is consumed with   unwanted beliefs or negative thoughts, energy centres in your body become blocked.  Attention is solely the mind and thus controls your life and stops you from obtaining this  unlimited possibilities.


“It all begins and ends in your mind.  What you give power to, has power over you, if you allow it.”

Leon Brown


"Nicola is understanding, compassionate and makes you feel as though you’re worth listening to.  I have been suffering with anxiety for years and been given medication from the doctors.  Since my time with Nicola I can proudly say that i know longer require my medication and as Nicola

explains it ‘ My mind is like a library.’  Amazing!"



"Nicola was very professional and made me feel completely at ease throughout the sessions.

Nicola successfully helped me to achieve and overcome a phobia which i had suffered from for as long as i can remember!

Overall i am extremely please and completely taken back with my time spent with Nicola.

I would thoroughly recommend her.”



"I must admit prior to my treatment i was a little sceptical of how an

individual could effect my mindset, but i am converted!  My fear has not surfaced since meeting Nicola it's hard to explain but it's worked.  I don't know exactly how but THANK YOU!"



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