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Company: Buzzing Minds

Services: Remedial hypnotist / Control practitioner / hypnotist practitioner / hypnosis practitioner

Location: Maidstone, Kent

Phone: 07376 290943



Michael has been in the industry of helping people for around 10 years. He has helped with a whole array of issues and goals, changing mindsets for a better future, from fears, Phobias, Sexual issues, meditation, relaxation and past life regression. He has been a CONTROL practitioner for about a year. Michael also works with staff and clients of gyms where he helps with motivation, weight loss, and mind set. He also does home visits to help those that would like to work from the comfort of their own home.


"Michael Wright, Thank you for all your help I was very sceptical about your service but once we had the consultation you put me at ease and I was very happy. I have been to a few hypnotherapists over the past years and although they helped me your service was by far the best.  It was great fun and changed me for the future and a better me.

Thank you once again.  I will highly recommend you and your service.

Kind regards"



"Buzzing minds has made a big change in my life helping me to stop smoking and also make positive changes to a better health programme.   With the new me I feel like a better person and am still making changes on a daily basis. I saw you in my local gym you made me feel so welcome and you cleared any doubts I had about your system

Thank you for everything you have done it’s an awesome system."



"Hi buzzing minds thank you for helping my daughter with her picking of her eyebrows and other parts. We thought there was nothing that could help her until we found you.  You made myself and my daughter feel at ease and everything was done in a very professional manor.  Her hair has returned and things are going great, she’s been really happy and now doesn’t have to hide them with makeup she now has the natural look.  We can’t thank you enough your service has been outstanding will definitely recommend you."



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