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Company:  Coach Melissa Lenz

Services: CONTROL Practitioner, MCMA, Health and Fitness Coach, Group Fitness Instructor

Location: Iowa City, IA, USA

Phone: 319-930-1041



Melissa is a mother of 5 and grandmother.  Her whole life has been dedicated to caring for others. She knew from a very young age that helping others was what she wanted to always do in her life.


In 2014 she became a health and fitness coach while working on her own goals.  During that journey is when she was introduced to The CONTROL System. Once she realized how incredibly powerful it was and how she could change more lives than she could imagine she jumped in with both feet and became one of the very first 3 CONTROL practitioners in the USA.


Melissa is very proud to help bring CONTROL into the USA as she understands how incredibly life changing this will be for so many people here.  She is dedicated and determined to help change as many lives as possible.


Melissa is available for personal or virtual sessions.


"I am so glad that I found Melissa to help me in my journey of self-empowerment.  She has a friendly yet professional manner to her and is very relatable. She made sure that I understood the process and made me extremely comfortable at every step along the way. I am loving the results that came out of our sessions. She is a blessing to have in my life."



"I would 100% recommend the control system to anyone who wants to improve themselves. I was able to overcome my anxiety when it came to keeping my home clean and organized. I've also used control to improve my sleeping and help myself fall asleep faster and easier."



"Melissa and I discussed what to work on and decided that we would try and see if we could reduce the number of migraines I have and/or the severity of the migraines.  All I kept thinking was if the duration of the migraines was less and/or had fever, I would be thrilled!
Well, it worked!
The month of March I only had 5 migraines and each only lasted 2-6 hours, which is a huge improvement and since March 30 I have not had  ANY! 
I could not be happier and have been telling everyone!"



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