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Jo is a qualified Remedial Hypnotist and Control Practitioner with a background in education and health with adults, children and families. She has worked in a variety of professional settings including charities, adult education, schools and academies with a focus on health promotion and alternative healthcare. She is qualified in Homeopathy as well as Mindfulness. Jo has a passion for developing innovative and groundbreaking approaches to health and wellbeing and has been successful in securing funding from various sources to establish new health initiatives for people of all ages and from diverse backgrounds.


She is often asked to deliver inspirational speeches at high profile events and this includes the Prince's Trust annual national conference. It was at this event that Jo met HRH Prince Charles and she is referred to in his biography, ‘Breaking the Cycle - The Prince of Wales’.


Jo is gifted with an exceptionally positive outlook and a belief system that emphasises that nothing stays the same. “We don’t have to be limited by our own past or present patterns of behaviour and thinking. We can shift mindsets, we can reframe the subconscious mind and we can establish new ways of thinking, which can lead to finding a place of happiness, health and wellbeing.”


Life is a journey, a catalogue of experiences and an album of memories. Some of our life experiences and memories are very positive but some are less so and can be difficult and challenging - that is the tapestry of everyone’s lives. With a sensitive and compassionate approach Jo will work with you to assess and identify the changes you would like to make. Together you will clarify your new patterns of behaviour and thinking and then make the changes.


What types of changes can we look to secure when working with the subconscious mind?

There is no definitive list of what we can change within ourselves. However, the list below is an overview of some of the areas that Jo has experience of working with:

  • Increasing self confidence
  • Changing outdated or unhelpful patterns of behaviour
  • Working with anxieties and deep rooted phobias
  • Reprogramming for personal success
  • Establishing healthy patterns of eating
  • Enhancing relationships
  • Recovering from trauma
  • Public speaking
  • Tackling the critical voice inside yourself
  • Improving memory
  • Even climbing a mountain - it’s all within your power to change these things!



You can choose the life you want but to do so means investing time in yourself. Jo’s role is to support you through this process and enable you to make the changes to improve your life.


REMEMBER: Being in control of your choices in life leads to a better life for you, as well your family, friends and colleagues.


Our greatest gift of all is to create the life we choose.

Change something - change everything.

Jo Price
CONTROL Practitioner


I recently finished my course of control sessions with Jo.  I booked in with Jo as I was suffering with sever anxiety specifically regarding a sports exam and in particular a really crucial fitness test which I really need to pass to progress in my career.  Historically I had failed this test due to injury.  However I was now continuing to fail due to apprehension and anxiety and not injury.  Having passed the test in training I knew I could do it physically but my anxiety levels completely took over and I proceeded to fail the test by 5 meters.  The bottom line was I was left with one just more one chance to enter and pass - no pressure!!


I had heard about the excellent work Jo had done with some of my colleagues and so I attended a free consultation and booked up ASAP.  I felt totally at ease throughout the sessions and Jo filled me with so much confidence and reassurance.  She was able to take away all of my feelings of anxiety and stress.  On test day I was a completely different person.  I was able to focus, remain calm and most importantly this allowed me to pass this test.


I am under no illusion that without Jo completing the last part of the jigsaw I would still be failing that test.  I just wanted to say a massive thank you. Jo your work has changed my life.

Louise - Kent


I've always assumed that shyness came with a package of other things such as low self esteem, worrying, over analysing as well as being too critical of myself. Being extremely stubborn and determined I’ve always tried to dampen my critical voice, putting strategies in place to cope with the busyness of life and my mind. I can honestly say that working with Jo has transformed my life and wellbeing. My critical voice is now an encourager and I’m enjoying the peace my mind now has. I haven’t changed who I am but I now believe in who I am!

Claire - Kent


My session with Jo was a massive help in my preparation for my interview. Jo guided me calmly through a process, which made me feel relaxed, confident and capable.  Tapping into my subconscious mind and controlling that ‘panic’ feeling that you get when something important is coming, was an amazing experience and the results were unbelievable. Jo’s professional and calm approach made me feel comfortable and in safe hands, I would definitely recommend her to anyone suffering with anxiety!

Mark - Kent


As long as I can remember I have had an irrational fear of tunnels. You don’t realise how many tunnels there are in the world until you have to go through them. At it’s worse my fear would stop me breathing, my body was pulled tight with eyes scrunched closed, I can’t explain in words how overwhelming it was. Not so good when you have to drive through a tunnel. However, I am now cured!!! Through my sessions with Jo, I have travelled through a tunnel with no fear and all the windows to the car wound down. It sounds ridiculous I know but this was unheard of, my family even knew to wind the windows up when we approached a tunnel. I have even walked through an underpass, looking around me without looking down and holding by breath and been on the London underground. It is such a liberating feeling to know I am comfortable with walking through a tunnel all thanks to Jo and her amazing skills. I cannot stress how much this has changed my life. Thank you so

much you have literally changed my life.

Julia - Kent


I had a large interview process looming and I was concerned that my nerves and my anxiety would prevent me from doing my best so I went to see Jo and her professional, kind and personable approach made me feel comfortable and at ease straight away. Her expertise and skills meant I was in the best hands and after an in depth session, I left feeling relaxed and calm and was able to approach my interview with a clear head. I couldn’t believe how different I felt when I left her room! Thank you Jo, I couldn’t have done it without you and pleased to say I got
the job!

Amy - Kent


I am utterly blown away with the changes that we’ve made in my work and home life during the last month. I recently spoke at a very prestigious conference and had no fear and for the first time in my life actually enjoyed speaking in public – it was so surreal. This would have never been possible without Jo's help. Jo - thank you so much for everything you have done, you’ve changed my life! You are amazing!

Mary - Kent


Jo has helped me so much. I can’t believe that I no longer have an issue with food. I now know that just because it’s here I don’t have to eat it. Jo is so kind and considerate and definitely not judgmental. I would recommend anyone to seek help via Jo, she is amazing. I'm now losing weight and on target for a big event coming up with a new outfit planned!

Kerry - Derby


Jo is BLOODY AMAZING!!!!!! Jo has changed my life and I can't put into words how much it means to she was there to help lead the way - I get very emotional thinking about it.

Kay - London


I went to see Jo as I had a fear of spiders since I was a child. As an adult it had got to the point where it had become debilitating and was affecting my life and decisions I made. I did not like having windows open in the summer in case spiders came in the house and I did not feel comfortable sitting outside. If I encountered a spider it filled me with a paralysing fear that made it hard to breathe and I could not stay in the room if I knew there was a spider in there. Now everything has changed - since seeing Jo I am no longer afraid, I open my windows and I go for long walks along the river. I can remove spiders from my home or be equally comfortable leaving them where they are. I cannot thank Jo enough for what she has done for me and I have told everyone I know about her.

Karen - Kent


I have feared dogs my whole life. I could not go into a park where dogs were allowed off their lead, I couldn’t visit friends who had dogs, take my children for a walk along the river for fear of meeting a dog on our route and could not knock on anyone’s door incase they owned a dog. A turning point came for me when I saw my son starting to be uncertain around dogs and I really did not want to pass on my fear to him. After my sessions with Jo I could not believe the difference. I was apprehensive about the process but Jo was very professional and reassuring. She listened carefully and helped me throughout the sessions to understand the process. I cannot believe the difference it has made to me. The fear I felt before has completely gone and I am left with a sense of calm and confidence around dogs. Since my Control sessions with Jo I have spent time with fiends and their dogs, I have been on beaches and country walks surrounded by dogs, I have stroked dogs and no longer see them in the dangerous way I used to. I can take my children for walks without worrying and know now that my confident and calm attitude around dogs will be transferred to my children. These sessions with Jo have transformed my feelings around dogs. The best moment for me was when I was stroking a Rottweiler whilst crying because I was so surprised and shocked that the fear had totally gone. Jo’s calm, respectful, professional and caring approach made the whole experience really positive for me and my life has been changed for the better forever! I only wish I had been able to do this sooner!

Adele - Kent


Thanks to Jo's help, I was able to overcome my fear of maths and pass my maths skills test, allowing me to take part in my teacher training programme to ultimately achieve my goal of becoming a Spanish teacher. After my session with Jo, I was able to practice maths calmly without the high amount of anxiety I was experiencing before. I was able to study and take in all the info needed in order for me to pass my exam without fear and stress. I am so grateful for her help!

Louise  - London


Feeling helpless, stuck in a never ending cycle of emotional eating, comfort eating and even mindless eating with no way to break free. Lacking will power and energy, diets not working anymore, totally stuck in a rut within a body that is now unrecognisable. This was me, I needed help. Me and my mind was my biggest enemy.................I needed to take back control and make a change. Seeing Jo has transformed my relationship with myself and how I see food. No longer do I have the urge to comfort or reward myself with unhealthy food habits. I am freed from my inner thoughts around comfort/ emotional eating and I have new strategies in place to enable me to be happier, healthier and in control of the food choices I can and do make. Jo really can help you to make the change and transform your life and wellbeing.

Sam  - London


I came to see Jo as I had the most horrific fear and anxiety around flying.  This was a fear I had lived with for so many years and although I persevered and did go on holiday it was so very traumatic for everyone that it would often mean the holiday was ruined from start to finish.  I longed to book a holiday and feel excited, elated and relaxed.  Seeing Jo has given me a new way of being, I have now flown without fear and it’s the most brilliant feeling ever.  I cannot believe the fear has gone, its really weird but its just not there anymore.  My last holiday to NYC was the best!  I am now so excited to be booking up holidays because I know what lies ahead of me and that feeling of being free of fear is just impossible to describe - I am very happy!

Beverly - Kent


Working with Jo has been a life changing experience. I have had anxiety for many, many years and been reliant upon medication on and off for at least 15 years. After experiencing severe health problems during the last year my life was so bad that I was barely left the house. I've lost friends due to keep cancelling arrangements, been off sick from work, caused my health to deteriorate further through stress and anxiety and just generally been living in an ever decreasing bubble of what I can do… whole existence had crumbled so far and I couldn't see a way out. Asking for help was, in my mind, a desperate attempt and something I would never have done before now. However, everything was about to change.  After the first session working with Jo I got in my car, drove 100 miles and ate a meal with family at a celebration… anxiety, no upset stomach, no panic attacks, no over-breathing and making myself feel faint….nothing! It was an amazing experience and I've gone from strength to strength since then. My life is blossoming and I feel so much happier, calmer and in control. I am finally enjoying life. I never would have thought I could get to this stage!! I feel normal again, something I haven't felt for such a long time.


Telling someone else how you are really feeling, letting them know just how bad your life has got and having them dissect and give their thoughts was a sobering (and in some ways upsetting) experience but I took it all on board, took action and now I am reaping the rewards.  I am so happy I found Jo, had the courage to ask for help and listened to her. Working with Jo has genuinely changed my life and I'm so glad I contacted her. I feel I am really living my life now and am excited about the future. Jo is so positive and upbeat… can actually feel the positive vibes off her and her enthusiasm for her work gives you confidence….you really have nothing to lose by asking her for help….and everything to gain, I am truly grateful to her.

Anna - Kent


I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Jo for helping me change my mindset surrounding some aspects of my responses to challenging situations.  I work in a very demanding and challenging working environment and so I am often faced with intense and difficult situations daily, even on an hourly basis. Jo has really helped me to be able to process and respond more effectively to difficult professional situations and I have also experienced positive valuable changes in my personal life.  I can now manage these more difficult and precarious aspects of my life with less emotional response, more clarity and acceptance.  It has been really nice to have my subconscious on board, we are now working together much better! I would recommend this form of treatment even for complex situations such as my own. Thanks again!

Alex - Kent


Jo we are now one month smoke free and we have saved £600 between us!  Thank you so much for helping us find the path to be non smokers - it’s been a very long time coming and although we had tried hypnotherapy before this time we know we are in it for the long run.  With your help we have new goals, focus, plans and we are really happy.  Thank you.

Lisa and Martin - Kent


My milestone for success was when I realised I had stopped counting the hours, the days that I had last had a cigarette.  When I realised that I had stopped counting and that I had forgotten how long it had been since I had given up smoking I felt a huge amount of happiness.  As you know going on holiday was the big challenge for me but I can say hand on heart that the sunshine and warm sea has been thoroughly enjoyed without one cigarette.  I am still in regular contact with my subconscious mind.  Good luck with all your clients!

Lynne - Kent


I was open to trying something new and different and I found my sessions with Jo to be very helpful. I was looking for focus, motivation and direction on a number of levels and I can say that we certainly achieved this by the end of our sessions together.  Her methods are unique and sensitive, and Jo helped me to identify and action the three or four central issues presently in my life, and helped refine the vocabulary I use to address myself.

Scott - Kent


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