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Services: CONTROL & Children's Yoga

Specialism: CONTROL for parents & Adolescent mental health

Location: Medway, Kent
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Time for change, time to grow


Growing up people always trusted and confided in Jade and she enjoyed supporting others when they went through difficult times. Initially, Jade trained as a teacher and worked with both young children and their families within a range of areas. It was the pastoral care and support and seeing the positive changes to a young person’s outlook that she found the most rewarding.


Jade went on to train as a children’s yoga teacher and enjoyed seeing the positive impact that yoga has on children and young people in relieving stress and enabling them to generally feel more positive about life and in control.


A few years ago Jade came across a CONTROL Practitioner called Lizi who inspired her with the work she was doing to change the lives of others. From one session with Lizi Jade was free from the migraine attacks that she had been suffering with on a daily basis for over a month!


Jade attended a one day CONTROL workshop and instantly began to use the system on herself to upgrade her own thinking and making positive changes in her own life. From here Jade studied The CONTROL System alongside working and bringing up a young family.


Once qualifying as a Control Practitioner Jade opened The Growth Place to offer CONTROL sessions for young people and adults who identify it is time for change and time to grow.


"I haven’t used a lift for over 25 years and was very sceptical that Jade would make any difference. I would get an overwhelming sense of dread, anxiety and panic at the thought of entering a lift. My heart would pound and I would get snappy if anyone suggested that I 'Just try'. And I’d never go in, even looking in the lift was enough to make me start to feel anxious! But after completing just 4 sessions with Jade I can’t believe that I can now use lifts! The process was very simple and so effective that now I don’t feel worried about using a lift at all. Thank you Jade, if you can help me you can help anyone!"



"A few months ago I went through a stressful time when I lost a young family member. I had what I can only describe as constant flashbacks and suffered from post-traumatic stress. I wasn't able to stop my mind thinking of bad stuff and going over everything from the past. It brought back memories from a loss I had many years ago that I couldn't deal with. I felt paralysed and could hardly move, everything inside me felt like it was switching off and shutting down. I went to the doctors for the first time in ten years and I was given anti-depressants. This slowed down the thoughts that I was having but was causing me very bad side effects such as nightmares and panic attacks. After a week I stopped taking the medication. I was still having problems getting on day to day and going to work. I was unable to concentrate due to all of the bad thoughts and it was wearing me out all of the time. It felt like a stab in the dark but I approached Jade and asked her for help. After 3 visits I managed to get back to feeling my old normal self and I was able to carry on working and living my life. Thank you!"



"Knowing some of the issues that you can help people with I thought it was worth a try to see if you could help me. I came to Jade with my issues but as the sessions progressed we realised that this wasn't the root of my problem. Through the experiences I had, I found it is a lot about asking my subconscious the right questions to make this change. I started asking myself questions that I had never thought about before. It started to help me understand why I do what I do and how I can implement changes. Jade has been very patient with me and understanding, giving me the time I need to reach my end goal."



"Jade was amazing! I wasn’t sure what to expect but she put me at ease & explained the whole process. After a few sessions, she has managed to improve my life for the better. Would definitely recommend her!"



"Jade’s method of employing the control system is enlightening, sensitive and compassionate. I have had an alcohol problem for a number of years, which had led to much self-loathing, had destroyed relationships and my own self worth. I’d tried abstinence before and moderation—nothing worked and I truly believed I would always be caught in this cycle with my physical and mental health continuing to unravel.

In just two sessions Jade was able to uncover the root of my self-destructive behaviour and I have been given my life back. I now attend social occasions without alcohol but with confidence. I am happy in my own skin, have self-belief, energy and a verve for living. Jade, thank you, the difference this has made to my life is incredible. "


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