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Services: General CONTROL Practitioner

Location: Reigate, Surrey

Phone: 07813 037109




Eugénie is passionate about health and helping people.


She believes wellness springs from the harmony of a happy body and mind. And sometimes we all need a little helping hand to get back into balance – whether that’s expert advice on nutrition or working with the subconscious mind through the CONTROL System.


Eugénie is well versed in a wide range of natural nutritional remedies and has a particular focus on the microbiome - using scientifically-formulated cleanses to restore the gut to optimal health.


Using the CONTROL System, Eugénie has helped clients young and old address a variety of issues such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, body dysmorphia, anger management, phobias (including fear of travelling on The Underground), phantom pain, menopausal flushes and more.


"I am a judo instructor and run my own business. Two years ago, I lost my leg in an accident and have experienced severe phantom and nerve pain.

I used the CONTROL System with Eugénie to relieve the phantom pain and the frequency. It left me better equipped to manage pain and my general being.

I am extremely grateful with the help and support I received."

Jo Horton, Olympian for Great Britain


"I used the Control System with Eugénie Coleman to help with my menopausal flushing. I've been suffering for a few years and nothing seemed to be helping. I was feeling quite suffocated when they came on. Eugénie helped me by using the CONTROL System to manage the flushes. After three sessions I noticed that, even though I was still getting the flushes, I wasn't getting overwhelmed, they were less frequent and I was able to manage them far better."

Jo Andrews, mother and entrepreneur



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