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Company:  McKenna Holistic Therapy

Services: Control, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching

Location: Rainham Kent

Phone: 07732680433




In a previous life Andrea has been a midwife and health visitor and when it came to retirement she wanted to continue to have contact with people in a role where she could support them in finding resolutions to their problems, as this had always been her passion throughout her nursing career.  Having had hypnotherapy on two occasions herself with great success, she decided to qualify as a clinical hypnotherapist and has been practicing for the last three years.  Always on the lookout for new learning opportunities Andrea attended the Control System course, and she feels that this Control adds a new dimension to her skills.  It is structured and direct and she feels this allows her to have an even more individual approach to her client’s needs, and enable them to make the changes necessary to achieve their goals in life.  Andrea works with anxiety; recovery from trauma as in Domestic abuse; childhood abuse; accident and illness; achieve healthy eating patterns; relief from fears and phobias; change unhelpful thought patterns including that nagging critical voice, and enhance relationships whether work, home or social.  When people achieve the changes they desire not only are their lives enhanced but all those around them gain enormously too, it’s a win win.


"I had the Control System with Andrea and was amazed at how relaxing it was, I felt totally at ease even though my problem was anxiety, I even managed to laugh at times.  It worked so quickly and I continue to feel the benefits.  I highly recommend Andrea and the Control System."



''Working with Andrea and the control system was so helpful. I knew I wanted to change a certain thought pattern, but I wasn't sure on how to do this prior to the control system. Andrea is welcoming, friendly and so very qualified and experienced! Her professional and warm approach made me feel at ease throughout our sessions together. It is amazing what you can achieve when working with the right person, and I would recommend Andrea to everyone! If you have an area of your life you aren't happy with, or simply need help with making a change- Andrea is your woman.''



"I am still benefitting from all the help you gave me, there are too many examples to put here where I know our sessions have made a difference."



"Within a very short while I had was losing weight having to wear a belt for my trousers.  I am now able to socialise without feeling bad and then get straight back on my healthy diet.  I feel so much better in myself and feel able to relax around food which means smaller portions, no more emotional eating."



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