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“Change something, change everything”


Life if for living

Minds are for growing


Jo believes everyone has the potential to be a winner in life; you don't have to be famous or have an abundance of wealth, you just have to be you, living your best life possible, free from any limitations, restraints and old belief patterns that just stop you from being the real YOU.


Jo once felt she had lost everything in life that was important and of value to her. She felt broken and beyond repair.  Hypnosis for Jo a quick, successful and extremely effective solution.  She made a promise to herself that one day she would train to be able to help other people change, to find a better way. Today, as a qualified CONTROL Practitioner she is now making changes on a daily basis and she describes it as one of the best decisions she ever made in life.


Life can be amazing and totally awesome but it can also be very exhausting and challenging.  Our past experiences, memories, surrounding environment, family of origin, alongside a multitude of other complex factors and circumstance can have a major impact on our way of thinking and being.


Driven by truckloads of positivity and a belief system that nothing stays the same in life, Jo is fuelled with a burning desire to help her clients overcome their personal challenges and obstacles with an upbeat 'we can do it!' framework of thinking.  Her goal is to achieve transformation for her clients.


Jo loves what she does and forms unique relationships with her clients based on trust, belief and passion. She adopts a no-nonsense approach, with a core that is built on kindness and compassion. She believes that with the right approach, the right person and the right time, anyone can experience change - quickly and effortlessly. Change doesn’t have to be painful or long-winded.


Jo assists her clients in helping them to look at life differently, fulfilling their desire for real change - not just a quick fix but a sustainable long-term shift in their thinking and actions.  This means re-framing the subconscious mind so that perception can shift, re-focus and direct new ways of thinking. This can in turn, bring a sense of amazing relief and freedom along with large doses of possibilities for future fantastic happiness.


The work you will do together with Jo will help to facilitate the changes required for you to reach your own personal goals and achievements. You might be looking for that one big thing in your life to change, something that has held you back, or robbed you of years of happiness. There might be a multitude of things that you want to address or you might be unsure about what you need to change, you just know instinctively that all is not well and you need some assistance.


Ultimately, your end goal and happiness will always be at the forefront of your work with Jo.


What do you want to change?

Where do you want to be by the end of the sessions?

Where are you heading as an outcome?


Anything is possible when we can change how we view our reality.


I recently finished my course of control sessions with Jo.  I booked in with Jo as I was suffering with sever anxiety specifically regarding a sports exam and in particular a really crucial fitness test which I really need to pass to progress in my career.  Historically I had failed this test due to injury.  However I was now continuing to fail due to apprehension and anxiety and not injury.  Having passed the test in training I knew I could do it physically but my anxiety levels completely took over and I proceeded to fail the test by 5 meters.  The bottom line was I was left with one just more one chance to enter and pass - no pressure!!


I had heard about the excellent work Jo had done with some of my colleagues and so I attended a free consultation and booked up ASAP.  I felt totally at ease throughout the sessions and Jo filled me with so much confidence and reassurance.  She was able to take away all of my feelings of anxiety and stress.  On test day I was a completely different person.  I was able to focus, remain calm and most importantly this allowed me to pass this test.


I am under no illusion that without Jo completing the last part of the jigsaw I would still be failing that test.  I just wanted to say a massive thank you. Jo your work has changed my life.

Louise - Kent


I've always assumed that shyness came with a package of other things such as low self esteem, worrying, over analysing as well as being too critical of myself. Being extremely stubborn and determined I’ve always tried to dampen my critical voice, putting strategies in place to cope with the busyness of life and my mind. I can honestly say that working with Jo has transformed my life and wellbeing. My critical voice is now an encourager and I’m enjoying the peace my mind now has. I haven’t changed who I am but I now believe in who I am!

Claire - Kent


My session with Jo was a massive help in my preparation for my interview. Jo guided me calmly through a process, which made me feel relaxed, confident and capable.  Tapping into my subconscious mind and controlling that ‘panic’ feeling that you get when something important is coming, was an amazing experience and the results were unbelievable. Jo’s professional and calm approach made me feel comfortable and in safe hands, I would definitely recommend her to anyone suffering with anxiety!

Mark - Kent


As long as I can remember I have had an irrational fear of tunnels. You don’t realise how many tunnels there are in the world until you have to go through them. At it’s worse my fear would stop me breathing, my body was pulled tight with eyes scrunched closed, I can’t explain in words how overwhelming it was. Not so good when you have to drive through a tunnel. However, I am now cured!!! Through my sessions with Jo, I have travelled through a tunnel with no fear and all the windows to the car wound down. It sounds ridiculous I know but this was unheard of, my family even knew to wind the windows up when we approached a tunnel. I have even walked through an underpass, looking around me without looking down and holding by breath and been on the London underground. It is such a liberating feeling to know I am comfortable with walking through a tunnel all thanks to Jo and her amazing skills. I cannot stress how much this has changed my life. Thank you so

much you have literally changed my life.

Julia - Kent


I had a large interview process looming and I was concerned that my nerves and my anxiety would prevent me from doing my best so I went to see Jo and her professional, kind and personable approach made me feel comfortable and at ease straight away. Her expertise and skills meant I was in the best hands and after an in depth session, I left feeling relaxed and calm and was able to approach my interview with a clear head. I couldn’t believe how different I felt when I left her room! Thank you Jo, I couldn’t have done it without you and pleased to say I got
the job!

Amy - Kent


I am utterly blown away with the changes that we’ve made in my work and home life during the last month. I recently spoke at a very prestigious conference and had no fear and for the first time in my life actually enjoyed speaking in public – it was so surreal. This would have never been possible without Jo's help. Jo - thank you so much for everything you have done, you’ve changed my life! You are amazing!

Mary - Kent


Jo has helped me so much. I can’t believe that I no longer have an issue with food. I now know that just because it’s here I don’t have to eat it. Jo is so kind and considerate and definitely not judgmental. I would recommend anyone to seek help via Jo, she is amazing. I'm now losing weight and on target for a big event coming up with a new outfit planned!

Kerry - Derby


Jo is BLOODY AMAZING!!!!!! Jo has changed my life and I can't put into words how much it means to she was there to help lead the way - I get very emotional thinking about it.

Kay - London


I went to see Jo as I had a fear of spiders since I was a child. As an adult it had got to the point where it had become debilitating and was affecting my life and decisions I made. I did not like having windows open in the summer in case spiders came in the house and I did not feel comfortable sitting outside. If I encountered a spider it filled me with a paralysing fear that made it hard to breathe and I could not stay in the room if I knew there was a spider in there. Now everything has changed - since seeing Jo I am no longer afraid, I open my windows and I go for long walks along the river. I can remove spiders from my home or be equally comfortable leaving them where they are. I cannot thank Jo enough for what she has done for me and I have told everyone I know about her.

Karen - Kent

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